The Focal Sopra No3 are currently available for demo at PJ Hi-Fi Guildford. Our demonstration model is in a striking white finish as shown above, however they are available in a more muted black, light and dark oak and even a garish electric orange.

Boasting a 35% increase in cabinet size over the No2 with a 60% larger bass section allowing for an increase in driver size from 7 to 8.25″. This results in a far richer and more controlled bass.

Despite their relatively large size – each cabinet is 126cm high and weighs in at 70kg, the Sopra No3 are easy to drive, with a sensitivity of 91.5dB. Although perhaps not quite as comfortable with lesser electronics than their smaller siblings, if you have a high-end system and are looking for a new set of floorstanders then the Sopra No3 should definitely be on your shortlist to audition.

Price: £15,999

Read the in depth review below for more information.

Hi-Fi+ Review