English Acoustics Stereo 21c

If you’ve been a Hi-Fi user for many years, or perhaps just like a bit of retro Hi-Fi equipment you will surely recognise the English Acoustics Stereo 21c. It is of course a 21st century take on a Leak Stereo 20.

English Acoustics

Differences have been implemented of course, the original Stereo 20 was launched a little over 60 years ago in 1958, while the driver, output and rectifier valves remain the same, changes have been made across the board, all driven towards better sound quality and in some instances safety.

To give a feeling of the improvements made, internal capacitors, those mounted on top, speaker mounting posts, RCA sockets, transformers, and casing all updated and upgraded. Added have been a digital clock giving you the hours the valves have been on for, a central on/off button, thermal, vibration and tilt safety cut out and a variety of paint finishes including custom colours. This is to name but a few.

English Acoustics have provided 12 colours to choose from, a more generous range than the usual black or silver you tend to have with Hi-Fi, but if you’re after something particular, custom colours can be produced for only £500 extra.

English Acoustics

The sound has the smoothness you would expect from a valve amplifier, with an excellent low end and still retaining all the mid-range detail you would expect from a modern amplifier.

If looking for a new amplifier or interested in the different type of sound that valve amplifiers bring to the table, the English Acoustics Stereo 21c should be on the short list.

English Acoustics