Hidden Television – Guildford


An existing client of ours wanted an additional TV installed so he could, like most of us guys, sneak away and watch his sports in peace :-). The only room that could be used was a very smart formal sitting room. A stand alone Television would have looked out of place and would not be in keeping with the room. We finally settled on the concept of having the screen retract into cabinetry when it was not in use. We brought in our carpenters and had them create a housing, for a TV lift system. The result is stunning, the cabinet is a brilliant match which compliments the room.

The TV and Lift system are automated with a control system. From a touch screen remote control the user selects ‘Watch TV’, the screen rises from the cabinet, the TV switches On and begins to view the Sky HD box. When done you simply click ‘system off’ and the screen switches off as it starts to retract into the cabinet.



  • LED TV 55 inch – Loewe Connect ID 55

Lift and Cabinet:

  • Lift Mechanism from Future Automation (Bespoke cabinetry designed by PJ HiFi)


  • Blu-ray Player – Oppo 103D
  • Television – Sky HD