HiFi Rose

Meet HiFi Rose and Roon – 26th and 27th of November

Hear and see HiFi Rose music streamers and Roon music servers, over two days, running in three of our demonstration rooms. Representatives from HiFi Rose and Roon will be in attendance to take you through their products, explain the technologies and of course let you hear how great they are. Come and have a play with;

HiFi Rose RS 150 / RS250 / RS201E

Roon Nucleus and Nucleus Plus

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HiFi Rose

Hifi Rose is an innovative South Korean audio manufacturer focused on user friendliness along with providing a great quality of sound. They appeal to a wide audience from the every day listener to the most experienced of audiophiles.

Their products are innovative and offer some of the best streaming capabilities seen on the market today. The clean, sleek design is attractive to the eye and manufactured to a very high quality.

Current ranges boast their own Rose operating system which is smooth and intuitive to operate. Not only can you listen to high definition music through sources such as Roon, you also get 4k high definition video playback such as Tidal music videos, access to ad-free YouTube, online radio, CD playback/ripping and AirPlay.

This is all controlled from either the touch screen display, remote control or the great HiFi Rose application for IOS/Android devices.

Roon Nucleus Plus


Roon is a new exciting way to manage and listen to your music. Roon have a different take on music access abolishing the old list based options we are use to such as iTunes. They organise your music and display it using album art, genres, concert tour dates and even using the lyrics of the song itself. This all creates a different, innovative and simple way to navigate through your music library.

The system operates via an application which is run on the Roon Nucleus / Nucleus Plus for the ultimate experience or on a PC or MAC. Roon will manage all digital music stored on hard drives or network storage, can integrate with your iTunes library and TIDAL and Qobuz applications. You also have access to internet radio and you can manage your audio output settings through the application suite. Roon do not compromise on audio quality and pride seamless playback from their system, they make music exploration and discovery fun for a wider audience.

HiFi Rose Roon Event